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  • 提供结构和应力分析的全面概述
  • 包括大量工作示例和章末问题
  • 进行了广泛说明以帮助可视化概念
  • 更加关注结构工程的数字趋势,包括更新的计算机分析方法以及如何检查此类方法的输出以避免“黑匣子”工程
  • 包含有关框架塑性分析,弯矩分布和坍塌力学位移评估的其他工作示例
  • 引入有关静力学的内容,以确保学生了解基本概念并能够理解控制所有结构的平衡原理以及基于计算机的计算所涉及的机制原理。

Structural and Stress Analysis, Fourth Edition, provides readers with a comprehensive introduction to all types of structural and stress analysis. Starting with an explanation of the basic principles of statics, the book then covers normal and shear force, bending moments, and torsion. Building on the success of prior editions, this update features new material on structural dynamics and fatigue, along with additional discussions of Eurocode compliance in the design of beams. With worked examples, practice problems, and extensive illustrations, it is an all-in-one resource for students and professionals interested in learning structural analysis.

Key Features:

  • Presents a comprehensive overview of structural and stress analysis
  • Includes numerous worked examples and end-of-chapter problems
  • Extensively illustrated to help visualize concepts
  • Contains a greater focus on digital trends in structural engineering, including newer computer analysis methods and how to check output of such methods to avoid ‘black-box’ engineering
  • Contains additional worked examples on plastic analysis of frames, bending moment distribution and displacement evaluations on collapse mechanics
  • Introduces content on statics to ensure that students know the basic concepts and can understand the equilibrium principles that govern all structures as well as the principles of the mechanisms involved in computer-based calculations.
  • 《THG Megson-Structural and Stress Analysis结构和应力分析电子书下载》





Butterworth-Heinemann, 2019

pdf, 1270 pages, english

ISBN: 978-0-08-102586-4

《THG Megson-Structural and Stress Analysis结构和应力分析电子书下载》