Schlumberger Flaresim v6.0.0.64 full cracked


Softbits是耀斑仿真领域全球领先的专业公司之一,目前已被Schlumberger 收购。我们的总部位于英国南部的汉普郡,我们开发和维护Flaresim –石油,天然气,液化天然气(LNG)和炼油行业先进的,先进的,行业标准的火炬设计应用程序。




《Schlumberger Flaresim v6.0.0.64 full cracked》

Softbits is one of the leading specialist companies worldwide in the field of flare simulation. Based in Hampshire in the south of the UK, we develop and maintain Flaresim – the sophisticated, state-of-the-art, industry-standard flare design application for the oil, gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and refining industries.

Flaresim is our highly developed and sophisticated flare simulation/design application. Designed by professional engineers, for professional engineers, it models thermal radiation and noise footprints generated by flare systems for offshore platforms, gas plants, refineries and chemical plants, and predicts the temperature of exposed surfaces within range. The application can analyse installations of any complexity, with unlimited multiple flare tips on multiple vertical, horizontal or inclined flare stacks. Users can model pipe flares, sonic flares and liquid burners using a range of algorithms. They can also enter and report data in units of their choice, and can convert data to other units at any time.

Flaresim provides full 3D flame-shape analysis with complete flexibility in the location and orientation of multiple stacks, and rapid evaluation of flare systems under different wind speeds and directions. Shield options can be included. Working from the opposite perspective, Flaresim allows you to size stack or boom length to meet specific radiation, noise or surface-temperature limits at defined receptor points. Flaresim includes gas dispersion models for both jet dispersion of flammable gases close to the stack and Gaussian dispersion of pollutants at longer distances. The output from Flaresim is highly customisable, and you can select either summary or detailed output. Flaresim has a user-friendly interface and incorporates context-sensitive help at every stage for user guidance.

《Schlumberger Flaresim v6.0.0.64 full cracked》



将VMG Thermo与20,000多个组件数据库和70多种属性方法集成

链接到Symmetry以支持将Flaresim结果集成到Symmetry Flare程序中


品牌更新反映了斯伦贝谢对Flaresim Ltd的收购




修复了SealDrum-Dipleg Height的错误Casestudy可变结果

《Schlumberger Flaresim v6.0.0.64 full cracked》

New Features

Integration of VMG Thermo with over 20,000 component database and 70+ property methods

Link to Symmetry to support integration of Flaresim results within Symmetry Flare program

Updated licensing technology, supports read access to files with Symmetry license

Branding updates to reflect acquisition of Flaresim Ltd by Schlumberger


New Casestudy variables for Tip purge gas input and results


Fixed incorrect Casestudy variable result for SealDrum – Dipleg Height