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Ensoft LPile is a world-renowned specialized software that is used to analyze candles under lateral loading using the py method. LPile is able to solve differential equations for structural beams and columns with a limited difference approach.

Ensoft LPile 是世界知名的专业软件,用于使用 py 方法分析横向加载下的蜡烛。 LPile 能够用有限差分方法求解结构梁和柱的微分方程。


《Ensoft Suite 2021.06岩土工程套件免费下载》


Build date:    06/06/2021
Program name:    Ensoft Suite 2021.06
|APILE 2019.9.9, APILE Offshore 2019.9.9,
|DynaMat 2018.3.2, DYNA-N v3.0.13,
|DynaPile 2016.3.2, EnCPT 2019.1.3, EnFEM 2019.1.1,
|GeoMat 2014.2.2, Group 2019.11.10, LPile 2019.11.9,
|PYWall 2019.6.9, SETOFF 2020.4.2, SHAFT 2017.8.11,
|StablPro 2015.4.5, TZPILE 2021.4.1
Protection type:    UniKey dongle
Cracker's names:    raduga_fb/LAVteam
Instructions:    Unrar and install the application.
|Copy applied emulator to the <installdir> of
|the appropriate application.
|Use this reg info to start the app:
|Name: lavteam.org
|Password: B3C8D1E8-7841B8EF-6D2D10FF-100DC52D


LPILE - Analyze response of piles and shafts in multi-layered soil media.
APILE - Analyze the axial capacity of driven piles in mutli-layered soils.
GROUP - Analyze response of pile groups in multi-layered soil media.
PYWall - Analyze flexible retaining walls in layered soils.
SHAFT - Study the response of drilled shafts under axial loading.
TZPILE - Analyze load-settlement relationships of vertically loaded piles with downdrag.
EnFEM - 2D finite element analysis with ability to perform soil-structure interaction and stage construction.
EnCPT - Process raw CPT data, generating and exporting soil layering and properties to LPILE.
DynaN - Determine the dynamic response of shallow and deep foundations.
DynaPile - Analyze the dynamic response of pile groups in horizontally layered elastic media.
DynaMat - Analyze the dynamic response of mat foundations under dynamic loading.
GeoMat - Analyze mat or structural slabs supported on soil media.
SETOFF - Software for computing foundation settlement.
STABLPRO - Software for computing the slope stability.
LPILE - 分析多层土壤介质中桩和竖井的响应。
APILE - 分析多层土壤中打入桩的轴向承载力。
GROUP - 分析多层土壤介质中桩组的响应。
PYWall - 分析分层土壤中的柔性挡土墙。
SHAFT - 研究钻孔轴在轴向载荷下的响应。
TZPILE - 分析垂直荷载桩的荷载沉降关系,向下拖动。
EnFEM - 2D 有限元分析,具有执行土壤-结构相互作用和阶段构建的能力。
EnCPT - 处理原始 CPT 数据,生成土壤分层和属性并将其导出到 LPILE。
DynaN - 确定浅层和深层基础的动态响应。
DynaPile - 分析水平分层弹性介质中桩组的动力响应。
DynaMat - 分析动态载荷下垫子基础的动态响应。
GeoMat - 分析支撑在土壤介质上的垫子或结构板。
SETOFF - 计算基础沉降的软件。
STABLPRO - 计算斜坡稳定性的软件。


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