Heat and Mass Transfer-Fundamentals



  • 解决方案-提出了问题,并指出了要找到的数量。
  • 假设-说明解决问题的重要假设。
  • 特性-解决该问题所需的材料特性。
  • 分析-以系统的方式解决问题,并显示所有步骤。
  • 讨论-根据需要对结果进行评论。

《Heat and Mass Transfer-Fundamentals》


2002 year

pdf, 1300 pages, english,文件大小7MB

This manual is prepared as an aide to the instructors in correcting homework assignments, but it can also be used as a source of additional example problems for use in the classroom. With this in mind, all solutions are prepared in full detail in a systematic manner, using a word processor with an equation editor. The solutions are structured into the following sections to make it easy to locate information and to follow the solution procedure, as appropriate:

  • Solution – The problem is posed, and the quantities to be found are stated.
  • Assumptions – The significant assumptions in solving the problem are stated.
  • Properties – The material properties needed to solve the problem are listed.
  • Analysis – The problem is solved in a systematic manner, showing all steps.
  • Discussion – Comments are made on the results, as appropriate.