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从设计构想开始到生成示意图,ETABS集成了工程设计过程的各个方面。模型的创建从未如此简单-直观的绘图命令可快速生成地板和高架框架。CAD工程图可以直接转换为ETABS模型,也可以用作可覆盖ETABS对象的模板。最新的SAPFire 64位求解器允许快速分析非常大和复杂的模型,并支持非线性建模技术,例如施工顺序和时间影响(例如蠕变和收缩)。包括钢结构和混凝土框架(具有自动优化功能),复合梁,复合柱,钢托梁以及混凝土和砖石剪力墙的设计,以及钢连接和基板的能力检查。可以现实地渲染模型,并且所有结果都可以直接显示在结构上。全面且可定制的报告可用于所有分析和设计输出,并且可以生成混凝土和钢结构的框架图,时间表,明细和横截面的示意图。


PS: 上个版本可能存在一点小问题点击打开,对于添加到仿真器ETABULC许可选项(level.txt-> ULTIMATEC)中的ETABS 18。教程地址:点击打开

The innovative and revolutionary new ETABS is the ultimate integrated software package for the structural analysis and design of buildings. Incorporating 40 years of continuous research and development, this latest ETABS offers unmatched 3D object based modeling and visualization tools, blazingly fast linear and nonlinear analytical power, sophisticated and comprehensive design capabilities for a wide-range of materials, and insightful graphic displays, reports, and schematic drawings that allow users to quickly and easily decipher and understand analysis and design results.

From the start of design conception through the production of schematic drawings, ETABS integrates every aspect of the engineering design process. Creation of models has never been easier – intuitive drawing commands allow for the rapid generation of floor and elevation framing. CAD drawings can be converted directly into ETABS models or used as templates onto which ETABS objects may be overlaid. The state-of-the-art SAPFire 64-bit solver allows extremely large and complex models to be rapidly analyzed, and supports nonlinear modeling techniques such as construction sequencing and time effects (e.g., creep and shrinkage). Design of steel and concrete frames (with automated optimization), composite beams, composite columns, steel joists, and concrete and masonry shear walls is included, as is the capacity check for steel connections and base plates. Models may be realistically rendered, and all results can be shown directly on the structure. Comprehensive and customizable reports are available for all analysis and design output, and schematic construction drawings of framing plans, schedules, details, and cross-sections may be generated for concrete and steel structures.

ETABS provides an unequaled suite of tools for structural engineers designing buildings, whether they are working on one-story industrial structures or the tallest commercial high-rises. Immensely capable, yet easy-to-use, has been the hallmark of ETABS since its introduction decades ago, and this latest release continues that tradition by providing engineers with the technologically-advanced, yet intuitive, software they require to be their most productive.

《CSI ETABS v18.1.1 build 2148 x64 破解下载》



《CSI ETABS v18.1.1 build 2148 x64 破解下载》






程式名称:CSI ETABS v18.1.1 build 2148 x64
保护类型:前哨RMS 9
2、运行\ patch \ etabs_v18_kg.exe生成一个许可证文件(lservrc)。
3、复制上面生成的许可证并应用模拟器(SentinelRMSCore.dll)到以下文件夹:<installdir>和<installdir> \ CSiLicensing \
C:\ Windows \ assembly \ NativeImages_v4.0.30319_64 \ SentinelRMSCore \ bla-bla-bla(取决于产品)\ SentinelRMSCore.ni.dll它与\ patch \文件夹中的dll是相同的,但从SentinelRMSCore.dll重命名为SentinelRMSCore.ni.dll严格来说,它不是同一个dll,但是由dot net ngen实用程序基于生成原始的SentinelRMSCore.dll但对于我们而言它足够合适。
PS2:不要将Windows资源管理器用于替换SentinelRMSCore.ni.dll。没有机会做到这一点。使用Total Commander(用于示例)并打开显示选项隐藏文件。
PS:要激活EtabULC选项,请创建文本文件<installdir> \ level.txt,带有一个字符串:


     Build date:    22/04/2020
     Program name:    CSI ETABS v18.1.1 build 2148 x64
     Protection type:    Sentinel RMS 9
     Instructions:    Unrar and install the application.
            HIGHLY RECOMMENDED not to create 'native
            image' while installing!!! Read Notes below.
            Run \patch\etabs_v18_kg.exe
            A license file (lservrc) will be generated.
            Copy both generated above license and applied
            emulator (SentinelRMSCore.dll) to the folders:
            <installdir> and <installdir>\CSiLicensing\
            NOTE_0: allow program's access to the
            internet otherwise program will not even
            NOTE_1: 2 All, who used "Perform native image
            generation ..." while installing, has also to
            C:\Windows\assembly\NativeImages_v4.0.30319_64\SentinelRMSCore\bla-bla-bla(depend on product)\SentinelRMSCore.ni.dll
            It is the same dll as in the \patch\ folder but
            renamed from SentinelRMSCore.dll to
            Strictly speaking it is not the same dll, but
            generated by dot net ngen utility based on
            original SentinelRMSCore.dll But for our case
            it is suitable enough.
            NOTE_2: do not use Windows Explorer for
            replacing SentinelRMSCore.ni.dll. No chance to
            do this with it. Use Total Commander (for
            example) with turning on option for showing
            hidden files.
            NOTE_3: to activate EtabULC option, create text
            file <installdir>\level.txt with one string: