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PHAWorks是用于进行过程危害分析(PHA)研究(例如HAZOP和假设分析)的专用工具。该软件的设计使您可以立即开始进行研究,引导您完成数据输入的每个步骤。在几分钟之内,您可以开始更快,更高效地记录PHA研究,同时使团队专注于手头的任务。PHAWorks不会妨碍进行研究。该工具旨在帮助而不是阻碍研究的进行。使用PHAWorks进行PHA研究,例如HAZOP,What If和FMEA,变得更加轻松,快捷且更具成本效益。凭借其节省的时间和成本,PHAWorks是您公司必不可少的工具。在世界范围内,没有比PHAWorks更受PHA软件的使用或信任。


  • 更快,更有效地进行您的PHA研究。
  • 使用一致的框架来帮助提高学习质量。
  • 您可以从各种PHA技术中进行选择,例如HAZOP,WHAT If,FMEA,PrHA和Checklist。
  • 自定义软件(添加/删除/重命名列)以用于其他用途。
  • 使用技术信息库来帮助您完成学习。
  • 创建HTML,Word,Excel和PDF格式的自定义报告。

PHAWorks is a specialized tool for conducting Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) studies, such as HAZOP and What If studies. The software is designed to allow you to start conducting studies straight out of the box, leading you through each step of data entry. Within minutes, you can start documenting your PHA studies more quickly and efficiently while keeping the team focused on the task at hand. PHAWorks will not get in the way of conducting the study. It is a tool designed to help, not hinder, the performance of the study. PHA studies, such as HAZOP, What If, and FMEA, have become easier, quicker and more cost effective with PHAWorks. With the time and cost savings it provides, PHAWorks is a tool that is essential to your company. No PHA software is used or trusted more throughout the world than PHAWorks.

Key Benefits of Using PHAWorks

  • Conduct your PHA studies more quickly and efficiently.
  • Use a consistent framework to help improve the quality of your studies.
  • Choose from various PHA techniques to conduct your studies, such as HAZOP, WHAT If, FMEA, PrHA, and Checklist.
  • Customize the software (add / delete / rename columns) for other uses.
  • Use Libraries of technical information to assist in the completion of your studies.
  • Create custom reports in HTML, Word, Excel and PDF format

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