Slotix (DMSoft) Suite Pack V2017一款简单小巧的可视化编程软件替代VS2017的最佳IDE方案


Slotix(DMSoft)套件包是DMSoft Technologies为程序员提供的各种工具的集合。该公司为图形软件开发人员,Web设计人员和程序员,网络程序员,驱动程序开发,无线驱动程序,基于Web的应用程序等提供了许多工具和服务,这些工具和服务都针对DMSoft Software Pack。

DMSoft软件包包括用于在不同数据库之间传输数据的强大工具。该软件包包括功能强大的工具,这些工具非常适合在不同服务器之间进行数据库轮换。该程序的直观功能以及易于使用的界面,使其成为该领域的出色软件之一。DBConvert负责在不同引擎(例如MS Access,MS SQL,MS FoxPro,MySQL,PostgreSQL等)之间传输和检索数据的过程。

该应用程序是该公司的领先产品之一,并定期更新。即使您是数据库管理员并且精通数据库,DBConvert也会带给您每天重复的流程。下一个设置是DBForms,它包括用于将Access数据库表单转换为php编码的网页的工具,这些网页可以轻松地在浏览器中作为普通网页查看。这样,数据库将转换为MySqK或PostgreSQL数据库,这些数据库将连接到php的已配置模块。此外,DBForms可以将mdb文件转换为基于ASP.NET的网页和MS SQL数据库。在此过程中,Access表单将转换为带有aspx扩展名的网页,同时保持元素的位置,粒料的颜色和字段的类型。

Slotix (DMSoft) Suite Pack is a collection of different tools for programmers that is provided by DMSoft Technologies. The company has provided many tools and services for graphic software developers, web designers and programmers, network programmers, driver development, wireless drivers, web-based applications, and so on, all aimed at DMSoft Software Pack.

The DMSoft Software Pack includes powerful tools for transferring data between different databases. The package includes powerful tools that work well for database rotation between different servers. The intuitive features of this program, along with its easy-to-use interface, have made it one of the great software in the field. DBConvert takes on the process of transferring and retrieving data between different engines, such as MS Access, MS SQL, MS FoxPro, MySQL, PostgreSQL and more.

This app is one of the company’s leading products and is updated regularly. Even if you’re a database administrator and you’re well versed in it, DBConvert also brings you everyday duplicate processes. The next setup is DBForms, which includes tools for converting Access database forms to php-coded web pages that can be easily viewed as ordinary web pages in the browser. In this way, the database will be converted to MySqK or PostgreSQL databases that will connect to the configured modules of php. Also, DBForms can convert mdb files to ASP.NET-based web pages and MS SQL databases. In this process, Access forms are converted to webpages with aspx extensions, while maintaining the position of the elements, the color of the pellets and the type of fields.

《Slotix (DMSoft) Suite Pack V2017一款简单小巧的可视化编程软件替代VS2017的最佳IDE方案》


DBConvert for Access and Firebird 1.2.3
DBConvert for Access and MySQL 8.3.8
DBConvert for Access and PostgreSQL 4.3.7 Multilingual
DBConvert for FoxPro and MSSQL 4.6.8


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