Structural Concrete: Theory and Design, 7 Edition结构混凝土:理论与设计,第7版|英文


The leading structural concrete design reference for over two decades―updated to reflect the latest ACI 318-19 code.

A go-to resource for structural engineering students and professionals for over twenty years, this newly updated text on concrete structural design and analysis reflects the most recent ACI 318-19 code. It emphasizes student comprehension by presenting design methods alongside relevant codes and standards. It also offers numerous examples (presented using SI units and US-SI conversion factors) and practice problems to guide students through the analysis and design of each type of structural member.

New to Structural Concrete: Theory and Design, Seventh Edition are code provisions for transverse reinforcement and shear in wide beams, hanger reinforcement, and bi-directional interaction of one-way shear. This edition also includes the latest information on two-way shear strength, ordinary walls, seismic loads, reinforcement detailing and analysis, and materials requirements. This book covers the historical background of structural concrete; advantages and disadvantages; codes and practice; and design philosophy and concepts. It then launches into a discussion of the properties of reinforced concrete, and continues with chapters on flexural analysis and design; deflection and control of cracking; development length of reinforcing bars; designing with the strut-and-tie method; one-way slabs; axially loaded columns; and more.

Updated to align with the new ACI 318-19 code with new code provisions to include: transverse reinforcement and shear in wide beams, hanger reinforcement, bi-directional interaction of one-way shear, and reference to ACI certifications:

  • Includes dozens of worked examples that explain the analysis and design of structural members.
  • Offers updated information on two-way shear strength, seismic loads, materials requirements, and more.
  • Improves the design ability of students by explaining code requirements and restrictions.
  • Provides examples in SI units in every chapter as well as conversion factors from customary units to SI.
  • Offers instructors access to a solutions manual via the book’s companion website

Structural Concrete: Theory and Design, Seventh Edition is an excellent text for undergraduate and graduate students in civil and structural engineering programs. It will also benefit concrete designers, structural engineers, and civil engineers focused on structures.

长达二十多年的领先结构混凝土设计参考已更新,以反映最新的ACI 318-19规范。

这是结构工程专业学生和专业人员二十多年的首选资源,本本有关混凝土结构设计和分析的最新文章反映了最新的ACI 318-19规范。它通过提出设计方法以及相关的代码和标准来强调学生的理解力。它还提供了许多示例(使用国际单位制和US-SI转换因子表示)和实践问题,以指导学生进行每种类型结构构件的分析和设计。

结构混凝土新手:理论与设计,第七版是关于宽梁中的横向钢筋和剪力,吊架钢筋以及单向剪力双向相互作用的规范。该版本还包含有关双向剪切强度,普通墙,地震荷载,钢筋细部和分析以及材料要求的最新信息。本书涵盖了结构混凝土的历史背景;的优点和缺点; 守则和惯例;和设计理念和概念。然后,它开始讨论钢筋混凝土的性能,并继续进行有关弯曲分析和设计的章节;偏转和控制裂纹;钢筋的发展长度;用拉杆-拉杆法设计;单向平板 轴向加载柱 和更多。

更新以与新的ACI 318-19规范保持一致,并具有新的规范规定,包括:横梁中的横向钢筋和剪力,吊架钢筋,单向剪力的双向相互作用以及参考ACI认证:

  • 包括数十个工作示例,这些示例解释了结构构件的分析和设计。
  • 提供有关双向剪切强度,地震载荷,材料要求等的最新信息。
  • 通过解释代码要求和限制来提高学生的设计能力。
  • 提供每章中以SI单位表示的示例,以及从惯用单位到SI的转换因子。
  • 使讲师可以通过本书的配套网站访问解决方案手册


《Structural Concrete: Theory and Design, 7 Edition结构混凝土:理论与设计,第7版|英文》



Wiley, 2020

pdf, 956 pages, english

ISBN: 978-1-11960-513-3




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